Meet Heidi

I live in East Snohomish County with my husband of 25 years. We have three amazing kids. Jacob is 23, Anna is 21, and Ben is 16. I finished my birth doula training in January, 2009 with the Seattle Midwifery school, and I have been building my doula business since. I am currently certified with both PALS and DONA. In my journey to become a doula, I found strength and solitude in teaching yoga. I have taught yoga for 10 years and find it to be such an enlightening form of relaxation. It creates a place for us to become one with ourselves. We are in sync with our bodies, physically, mentally and spiritually.


My belief is that all women have the innate ability to birth a baby naturally. If circumstances arise that do not allow this to happen, it is still possible to have a positive and memorable experience during the birth process. This is part of my goal as your birth doula. It is also my intention to encourage and support women and their families through the pre-natal, birthing and postpartum periods of their journey, to help you to be an advocate for yourself, and to support you through your birthing process regardless of circumstances. With over 275 births attended, I am constantly reminded I am a birth doula because I am passionate about empowering women through one of the most memorable journeys of all, the birth of their child, and becoming a mother.

Please feel free to call or email to set up a time to meet in person!



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