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Heidi and mommy

Baby “C” has arrived!

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  1. Jen, Tony & Chloe Marie says:

    We are so glad we had Heidi as our doula. She took the time to get to know us in our pre-birth meetings. I was able to share how my family has a history of quick births and that I was under chiropractic care for my hips. She listened and reassured me that she would be able to help and support me in my labor experience. She helped us prepare for the big day and gave us suggestions of things to bring to help keep our energy up through the labor process. When the time came she was awesome and there for both of us. She helped remind my husband to eat as well as made sure I kept my energy up. We thought everything was going great, I had been in labor for 4 hours and then found out that my labor had stalled. The hospital wanted to send me home and I knew I couldn’t go home then. Heidi helped coach me through different positions to help get my labor get going again, she also spoke with our midwife on duty and told her about my family history and that I should not leave the area. Next, she turned to me asked me what was it that I really needed at that time and I said and IV (I was feeling light headed from loosing my food earlier). Heidi helped me tune into myself and make the request and the hospital listened. Soon after my labor picked up and went quickly with Heidi helping me to move into new positions and listen to my body. She helped make sure that everything in our birth plan was followed and not forgotten about. The birth of our little girl was wonderful and we are very glad to have had Heidi there to help us move through it. We would highly recommend her.

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