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Baby K!

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  1. Karin Czulik says:

    Heidi was absolutely wonderful. She was there every step of the way during Kenda’s 45-hour labor and delivery, and of course afterward. Her calmness, confidence and caring made all the difference – for all of us. Thanks, Heidi, for your support! You’ll always be in our hearts.

  2. Kenda Todaro says:

    When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula for support during labor, but I didn’t realize what a vital role Heidi would play throughout my pregnancy and beyond… She was the there for my first ultrasound and answered endless questions during the following months, offering advice and guidance. Heidi has extensive knowledge and resources about everything related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

    We also decided to hire her for our childbirth classes. It was nice to cover the material in the comfort of our home and to have the course tailored to our specific needs. Once again, Heidi was a wealth of information and completely put our fears at ease. To my surprise, I became excited about giving birth!

    When my water finally broke in the middle of the night, Heidi was the first person I called… And she was still there with me, 45 hours later, when I finally gave birth to my son. During that time, she intuitively knew exactly what I needed, providing comfort, support and insight when I had to make decisions.

    Although I did not end up having the birth I planned, I look back on the experience fondly – Heidi helped me understand what I was going through during each phase, made me feel confident in my abilities and tirelessly encouraged me throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have made it through labor without her comfort and wouldn’t have known how to push without her coaching.

    Heidi has an amazing ability to care for others and an almost psychic ability to know what someone needs or wants. She was my closest ally during pregnancy and has become a dear friend. I can’t imagine having gone through this experience without her… I’m not sure when or where I’ll have my next baby, but Heidi will definitely be there! She has a genuine gift for what she does!

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