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mommy meets her daughter...for the first time.

Happy Birthday baby E!

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  1. Margo says:

    Heidi was incredible and played a huge role in making our birth experience a positive one. We planned a home birth and the moment we met Heidi we knew we wanted her to be a part of it. Long story short, after what seemed like days of laboring at home, we made the decision to transfer to a hospital. We had a long hard labor and barely escaped a cesarean (thankfully). I had really wanted a home birth, and I know that I tend to be hard on myself and those around me when I don’t stick to my plan. But, thanks hugely to Heidi, here I am 3 weeks later feeling very positive about our birth experience. In the meetings before the birth Heidi helped us sort out our priorities for our birth (ultimately, happy healthy baby and mom) and helped us to understand all the different options and consequences if we did decide to change our birth plan, which we did. Ultimately, she helped me feel like the decisions were my decisions (even surrounded by the doctors and nurses in stressful moments) and that I was educated before making those decisions.

    Heidi was with us for a LONG time during my labor and she was present and positive and amazingly supportive the entire time (despite serious sleep deprivation and a very cranky mom at times!). At one point, before we made the decision to transfer, I looked at my husband and felt the panic rising in me and saw that he didn’t know what to do to calm me down…but Heidi did and she was right there. At the end of it all he said “I am SO glad that Heidi was there!”

    Heidi truly was on our team the entire time. From the moment we began working to her and still today she is available for questions (even at odd hours), to give advice and reassurance and, when you really need it, with a cool washcloth and a drink of water. She was there to remind my husband and I to eat and hydrate (even when I resisted!) and was always a step ahead of all of my needs.

    Thank you, Heidi!!

  2. Clayton says:

    When my wife first brought up the idea of a doula, my initial thought was this was another uncovered expense that we could do without. We had already hired a great nurse-midwife, so what would a doula add to the equation? It turns out Heidi was the best addition to our birth team I could possibly imagine. Heidi won me over with her knowledge and expertise, and the reassurance that she was there to help me, the soon to be father, who had no clue what birth and fatherhood was about. Leading up to the birth of our daughter, Eloise, Heidi kept me motivated and on task with details that I normally would have let my procrastination get the better of. She was comfortable to be around and also responded to emails and text messages answering questions as they popped up. She became my birth book that I never quite finished reading.

    When the big day finally came and my wife went into labor, Heidi was my first phone call. As the contractions started getting closer and more intense, Heidi came to our house and helped us cope with the stress of labor. After 24 hours of labor and no sleep, Heidi was my saving grace. After a total of 50 hours of labor and a transfer to the hospital, Heidi was still by our side providing encouragement and support. We successfully had a vaginal birth of a beautiful 8 lb. 3 oz. baby girl, and I was thrilled to have Heidi in the room with us to celebrate the occasion.

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