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Happy Birthday Baby N!

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  1. Georgina says:

    It is great when you meet people you feel so comfortable with that it feels like you knew them your whole life. That is what happened for me and my husband with Heidi.
    I had a great, super easy pregnancy, and everyone told me I was going to have such an easy labor and birth. I listened, but kept my mind open. I knew that you can’t control every aspect of your experience of birth, but one of the few things that I could choose is to be surrounded of caring, knowledgeable, like-minded people to support me, my husband and my baby in the choice of having a natural childbirth. Heidi was a fundamental part of the team that created a lovely, relaxing atmosphere for my labor. I treasure the memories of that night, it was magical how much love and presence everyone showed, and how beautiful was the enviroment we created together. When things didn’t progress the way they needed and we had to transfer to the hospital, Heidi’s knowledge and experience was key to support me decision and to help me find the best option. I felt so relieved to have her in those circumstances. My daughter was born through C-section with the care of an amazing team. She is a healthy, happy baby! It was incredible to see her being born and to see my husband hold her for the first time, tears in his eyes, all marveled like me at the miracle of life. I would be forever grateful!!

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