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Baby girl E

Happy Birthday Em!!

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  1. Heidi Biddle says:

    As the expectant father of a recent birth attended by our doula Heidi Biddle, I can honestly say that Heidi turned out to be the key ingredient in achieving the drug-free, vaginal, midwife-attended birth we hoped for, rather than an intervention filled trip to the hospital.

    After about 20 hours of labor, my wife was ready for some pain meds – birth plan be damned. While everyone in the room knew that this was not really what my wife wanted, there is only so much reasoning a husband can do with his laboring wife. Moreover, the midwife’s role is not to talk the mother into or out of personal choices. This is where Heidi filled the void beautifully.

    Heidi was able to cajole a couple more epidural-free hours out of my wife, while also helping me ease the concerns of our conflicted midwife who was unsure of how serious were my wife’s demands for pain medication. That extra time and effort Heidi coaxed out of my wife was all we needed to provide our baby girl with a drug-free birth. I’m almost certain that had Heidi not been there for us, we would have ended up at the hospital. THANK YOU, HEIDI!

    -J. Scott

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