Welcome to Your Birth Journey

Providing expectant parents with resources needed to prepare them for the most powerful, beautiful and life changing experience of their lives.

Why hire a Doula

“Having a doula is like having the professor in the room with you when you take the final, reminding you that you have all the answers and you’re prepared. She’ll share all her experience and knowledge with you when things get tough, helping you have the birth experience you want to have. She can premeditate your needs like a magician and knows that all the things that are freaking you out are just normal. And she knows when to tell your partner it’s time for a break because his Burger King breath is filing you with rage.” – Halina Grant, client

Maybe you’re here because a friend hired a doula and you’re curious about what we do. Maybe you’re on your second or third baby and want a different experience this time around. Or maybe you have a pretty good idea about what doulas do, and you’re looking for just the right fit for your growing family.

What to expect from your Doula

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me as your doula: I will facilitate a positive birthing process. I will act as a liaison between you, your partner and your team.  Whether you are birthing at a hospital, birth center or home, I keep your desires and goals in mind and help you to stay on track or re-group and come up with a new goal. I will lend my expertise and experience to those moments when you don’t think you can go on another breath, push or hour. I understand and will help you through all stages of labor and maintain a “birds-eye view” of the birth so you and your partner can stay in the moment. I can help translate what is happening to your body and your baby in words that you and your partner can understand.

As your doula I will provide continuous encouragement and support—both physical and emotional—throughout your labor and birth.  This support extends beyond the mother’s needs and includes the partner’s as well. My expertise enables me to provide non-biased, evidence- and fact-based information that can assist you and your partner in making decisions regarding your care. I am 100% present to listen to you and your partner’s concerns, anxieties or fears without judgment and am there to facilitate and support the experience you want to have


My belief is that all women have the innate ability to birth a baby naturally and drug-free, if this is your desire.  I have watched woman after woman surprise herself with her abilities. But if your wishes or the circumstances arise that do not support this, I do everything in my power to help you have a positive and memorable experience—no matter what. It is also my intention to encourage and support women and their families through the pre-natal, birthing, and postpartum periods of their journey.  I support you through your birth and I am your advocate.

With over 250 births attended, my experience constantly confirms that I am passionate about empowering women through one of the most memorable journeys of their lives; the birth of their child and becoming a mother. It’s your birth journey, I’m just here to help.

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